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                        We supply replacement parts for but not limited to the following pump types:

                        • F-350       • F-500
                        • F-650       • F-800
                        • F-1000      • F-1300
                        • F-1600
                         Gardner Denver
                        • TEE         • PAH
                        • PZ-7        • PZ-8
                        • PZ-9        • PZ-10
                        • PZ-11
                        • T-500       • T-800
                        • T-1000      • T-1300
                        • T-1600
                        • 7-P-50      • 8-P-80
                        • 9-P-100     • 10-P-130
                        • 12-P-160    • 14-P-220
                        • A-850-PT    • A-1100-PT
                        • A-1400-PT   • A-1700-PT
                        • F-500       • F-800
                        • F-1000      • F-1300
                        • F-1600      • F-2200HL 

                        • TPK 1000    • TPK 1300
                        • TPK 1600    • TPK 2000
                        • TPK 2200 
                        Your present location:Products

                        Mud Pump

                        ?Baoshan manufacture a full line of triplex Mud Pumps from 350HP to 2200HP, include F series,3NB series, P series and PZ series.All of them are manufactured under API License and interchangeable with the OEM.

                        7500 PSI Mud Pump Fluid End Upgrade

                        We provide 7500 PSI Fluid End Upgrade services for 5000 psi mud pumps.

                        Mud Pump Fluid End Module

                        Baoshan’s fluid end module are made of high quality alloy steel by strict forging and heat treatment process. Each valve box is processed exquisitely and through strict inspection, which can be used to replace all major brands of valve boxes. The pressure value of some products can be up to 7500 psi.

                        Mud Pump Liner

                        We manufacture high-chrome, zirconia, and hardened steel liners for all major brands of mud pumps. We have liners for both duplex/triplex mud pumps.?

                        Mud Pump Valve&Seat

                        Baoshan provide a full range of valves and seats, which includes: full open valve and seat, 3 web design valve and seat, 4 web design valve and seat.

                        Mud Pump Piston

                        We produce pistons which can be applied to various conditions (such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, oil resistance, etc.), such as Buna-N piston, HNBR piston, PU piston, PES piston, etc. The piston core is forged with 40Cr, 35crMO and 42CrMO, providing A-type, K-type, B-type and L-type piston steel cores with the size from 3’’ to 8’’ suitable for duplex and triplex mud pumps.

                        Rod & Clamp

                        Our piston rod, intermediate rod and clamp are made of high quality alloy steel which are exquisite and have strong abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

                        Mud Pump Power End Parts

                        We can provide crosshead and guide plate, crankshaft, gear,pinion shaft,connectiong rod and other power end accessories, which are exquisite and comply with OEM standards.

                        Other Mud Pump Components

                        Baoshan also supply other mud pump parts,such as Shear safety valve,Pulsation dampener,Spray pump,Charging pump,Gear Oil Pump,etc.

                        Mud Pump Packages

                        We design and manufacture Mud Pump Packages – unitization of all models of mud pumps customized per customer specifications.Pump model inlcude F500, F800/1000, F1300/1600, F1600HL, F2200HL, 12P160, PZ9, etc.Driven by diesel engine (Cat, Cummins, JDEC, etc) or eletric motor(GE, Yongji,etc).?

                        Mud Pump Rental

                        It will be an economical choice to rent mud pump if you don`t want to buy for the time being.Baoshan provide mud pump rental services for customers with several mud pump packages in stock,include F500,F800,F1600,F1600HL,12P-160,etc, all with good quality and performace.Feel free to contact us if you need to rent mud pumps.

                        Mud Pump Repair and Overhaul

                        Baoshan have a team with specialized engineers who can provide repair & overhaul services for your mud pump and plunger pump. Whenever and wherever you need us, we can be there for you.

                        Plunger Pump

                        Baoshan manufacture a full-line of triplex and quintuplex plunger pumps from 600 to 2500 Horsepower, inlcude HT-400, TWS-600(S),TWS-1000,TWS-2250,TWS-2500,etc.

                        Plunger Pump Parts

                        We manufactuer plunger pump parts such as fluid end(cylinder), plunger,vavle & seat,packaging,etc.All parts are interchangeable with OEMs, including HT, SPM, GD, JAMC, Serva,Jereh, etc.

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