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                        Your present location:Products >> Plunger Pump >> QWS 2500 Pump
                        • Product Name: QWS 2500 Pump
                        • Views : 109

                        QWS2500 Quintuplex Plunger Pump is a widely used quintuplex plunger pump for high pressure and displacement. The unique seal design ensures reliable operation. The QWS2500 is suitable for continuous fracturing operation under harsh working environment such as shale gas fracturing.

                        QWS 2500 Classic Performance Specs:
                        Max Brake Horsepower: 2,500 BHP(1,866 Kw)         Approx. Length:84.75 Inches(2,153 mm)
                        Max Rod Load Capacity:192,325 lb(87,239 kg)       Approx. Width:73.875 Inches(1,877 mm)
                        Stroke Length:8 Inches(203.2 mm)                  Approx. Height:43.375 Inches (1,102 mm)
                        Gear Ratio: 6.353:1                               Approx. Weight (Dry): 15,180 lb (6,885 kg)

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