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                        Your present location:Products >> Mud Pump >> 3NB series Mud Pump
                        • Product Name: 3NB series Mud Pump
                        • Views : 111


                        Features of Series 3NB Mud Pumps

                        • Dynamic End:  the frame is a welded structure with steel plate subject to post welding internal stress relief.  The type of transmission gear is involute, smooth running, efficient, and durable. Crankshaft is one-piece hollow cast and is splash lubricated
                        • Fluid End:  suction flange and discharge flange conform to ASA and API specification
                        • Piston rod and extension rod are connected by clamp to make assembly and disassembly easy and quick
                        • Bench at the bottom of valve positioning hole prevents valve seat sinking. Piston and cylinder liner are cooled and lubricated by independent spraying pump device for longer service life
                        • Vulnerable parts are interchangeable

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