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                        About Us

                        Company Profile

                            Jinan Baoshan Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the R&D and production of mud pump replacement parts, providing a full range of accessories for all popular brands and types of mud pumps in the world, including liner, piston, valve & seat,module & parts,rod & rod, crankshaft,pinion shaft, crosshead, pulsation dampener,etc.


                            Baoshan has been engaged in the petroleum drilling accessory manufacturing industry for 20 years, having exquisite technology, first-class equipments, and rich experience in production management which can ensure to provide customers with the best quality products. Our company has passed ISO9001 Certification, and the mud pump parts we produce are completely in accordance with the standards of API Spec 7K, and can match with all major well-known brands of mud pumps,such as National,Oilwell,Emsco,Ideco,Gardner Denver,Wirth,OPI,Bomco,Gaso,Wheatley,Lewco,etc.


                            As a manufacturer, we provide customers with the best quality products and the most thoughtful services at the most favorable price.

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